Central AmericaDomestic ViolenceHackathon

january 26-27, 2013 · across Central America and in Washington DC

Address the challenge of domestic violence
by building technology solutions to assist agencies
that work to support victims and advance efforts
to bring perpetrators to justice.

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What is a hackathon?

A hackathon brings together volunteer technologists for a marathon weekend of work, using minimal resources and maximum brainpower to create innovative technology prototypes in response to challenging problems. More than just an event, a hackathon is a unique forum for collaborative problem solving where experts define the challenges for technologists to work on, resulting in concrete prototypes that can be implemented to create real impact.

How to participate?

  • Support an Event

    Support the hackathon by hosting, funding, or spreading the word about this important event in your community. Contact us to discuss how you can help us make an impact on domestic violence.

  • Contribute Ideas or Data

    A successful hackathon starts with good problems to work on or good data to work with. Contact us to share your ideas and data.

  • Participate in an event

    Sign up to attend the hackathon nearest to you and join technologists and experts across Central America in working together to address the challenge of domestic violence.